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Miles Ahead session details

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May 27, 1970 (24 items; TT = 64:18)
Columbia Studio C, New York NY
Commercial for Columbia
Show chatter

Miles Davis (tpt); Keith Jarrett (el-p); Herbie Hancock (org); John McLaughlin (g); Michael Henderson (el-b); Hermeto Pascoal (d, voc); Airto Moreira (perc)

1 Nem Um Talvez (take 1) (H. Pascoal) 2:59
2 Nem Um Talvez (take 2A) (H. Pascoal) 3:23
3 Nem Um Talvez (take 2B) (H. Pascoal) 2:03
4 Nem Um Talvez (take 3) (H. Pascoal) 0:53
5 Nem Um Talvez (take 4) (H. Pascoal) 1:47
6 Nem Um Talvez (take 5) (H. Pascoal) 2:57
7 Nem Um Talvez (take 6) (H. Pascoal) 1:23
8 Nem Um Talvez (take 7) (H. Pascoal) 2:13
9 Nem Um Talvez (take 8) (H. Pascoal) 5:26
10 Nem Um Talvez (take 9A) (H. Pascoal) 3:03
11 Nem Um Talvez (take 9B) (H. Pascoal) 1:21
12 Nem Um Talvez (take 9C) (H. Pascoal) 1:00
13 Nem Um Talvez (take 9D) (H. Pascoal) 1:53
14 Nem Um Talvez (take 10) (H. Pascoal) 5:18
15 Nem Um Talvez (take 11) (H. Pascoal) 1:18
16 Nem Um Talvez (take 12) (H. Pascoal) 3:07
17 Nem Um Talvez (take 14) (H. Pascoal) 3:34
18 Nem Um Talvez (take 15) (H. Pascoal) 3:15
19 Nem Um Talvez (take 16) (H. Pascoal) 0:48
20 Nem Um Talvez (take 17) (H. Pascoal) 3:28
21 Nem Um Talvez (take 18A) (H. Pascoal) 0:36
22 Nem Um Talvez (take 18B) (H. Pascoal) 0:53
23 Nem Um Talvez (take 19) (H. Pascoal) 3:09
24 Nem Um Talvez (composite take) (H. Pascoal) 8:31

20 Nem Um Talvez (take 17)
CD: Columbia Legacy C5K 86359, Columbia Legacy C5K 90926, Sony SICP 431/5

23 Nem Um Talvez (take 19)
CD: Columbia Legacy C5K 86359, Columbia Legacy C5K 90926, Sony SICP 431/5

This tune -- the title means "Not Even a Maybe" -- is different from the one recorded on June 3 and issued on Columbia C 30954 as "Nem Um Talvez." The two versions issued in The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions are taken from the items listed above:

Issued version Source
Nem Um Talvez take 17 Take 17, 0:28-3:16
New Um Talvez take 19 Take 19, 0:17-3:04

The unissued composite take listed above was constructed as follows:

Composite version Source
0:00-2:42 Nem Um Talvez take 15
2:42-5:40 Nem Um Talvez take 17
5:40-8:31 New Um Talvez take 19

Davis had various groups in the studio throughout the first half of 1970 -- fourteen dates in the first half of the year! Some of the music recorded in the studio during this period -- e.g. "Willie Nelson," "Honky Tonk," "The Mask" -- was immediately added to the live book.

The Davis Septet (with Corea and Jarrett on keyboards) was busy in the summer: Fillmore East, New York (June 17-20); Hampton Roads Coliseum (July 3); Central Park, New York (July 6); Hollywood Bowl (July 10); Randall's Island, New York (July 18); Madison Square Garden, New York (July 25); Shea Stadium, New York (August 6); SUNY Stony Brook (August 16); Berkshire Music Center, Tanglewood (August 18). At the end of the summer the Septet played at the Isle of Wight Festival (August 29).

I am grateful to Len Pogost for help with this session.

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