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Miles Ahead session details

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June 12, 1972 (12 items; TT = 71:37)
Columbia Studio E, New York NY
Commercial for Columbia
Show chatter

Miles Davis (tpt); Carlos Garnett (ss); Bennie Maupin (bcl); Lonnie Liston Smith (org); Harold I. Williams (el-p, synth); Herbie Hancock (org); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); Jabali Billy Hart (d, perc); James Mtume Forman (cga, perc); Badal Roy (tabla)

1 Jabali (rehearsal) (M. Davis) 5:54
2 Jabali (take 1) (M. Davis) 1:47
3 Jabali (take 2) (M. Davis) 6:04
4 Jabali (take 4) (M. Davis) 1:06
5 Jabali (take 12) (M. Davis) 11:16
6 Ife (take 1) (M. Davis) 8:02
7 Ife (take 2) (M. Davis) 1:41
8 Ife (take 3) (M. Davis) 2:30
9 Ife (take 4) (M. Davis) 1:39
10 Ife (take 5) (M. Davis) 1:58
11 Ife (take 6) (M. Davis) 8:01
12 Ife (issued version) (M. Davis) 21:39

5 Jabali (take 12)
12" LP: Columbia 19658749181
CD: Columbia Legacy C6K 06239, Sony SICP 1581/6

12 Ife (issued version)
12" LP: CBS/Sony SOPW 5/6, CBS/Sony 20AP 1779/10, CBS/Sony 28AP 2159/60, CBS/Sony 36AP 1779/80, Columbia PG 32866
CD: Columbia Legacy C2K 63973, Columbia Legacy C6K 06239, CBS/Sony 50DP 705/6, Sony SRCS 5713/4, Sony SRCS 9321/2, Sony SRCS 9737/8, Sony SRCS 836/7, Sony SICJ 30080/1, Sony SICP 1581/6, Columbia Legacy 86975 24922 [= Columbia (F) 86975 52492] (CD 34)

Several of the tunes recorded during these June studio sessions were added to the live book when Davis resumed touring, e.g. "Black Satin," "Rated X," and "Ife." Davis continued to perform "Ife" (named after James Mtume Forman's daughter) until 1982.

"Ife" evolved as it was performed during this period: the jaunty ten-note ascending-descending vamp that is the basis of the tune here was supplemented (and soon replaced) by a simpler four-note riff. In 1972 live performances, the tune typically begins with the latter riff and shifts to the former. By early 1973 the simpler riff (with a slower tempo) has replaced it completely.

I'm not sure all three keyboard players listed above actually participate in this session. Hancock is usually not listed in the personnel for this session, but the exchange with Davis during the rehearsal take of "Jabali" confirms his presence. Perhaps he was subbing for Lonnie Liston Smith? Thanks to Martin Booth for help with this session.

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