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Miles Ahead session details

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March 30, 1976 (11 items; TT = 75:41)
Columbia Studio B, New York NY
Commercial for Columbia
Show chatter

Miles Davis (org); Sam Morrison (ss, as, fl); Mark Johnson (el-p); Pete Cosey (g, perc); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d)

1 Untitled Original 760330a (take 3) (M. Davis) 4:51
2 Untitled Original 760330a (take 5) (M. Davis) 5:26
3 Untitled Original 760330a (take 10) (M. Davis) 9:20
4 Mother Dearest Mother (take 4) (P. Cosey) 6:05
5 Mother Dearest Mother (take 7) (P. Cosey) 11:43
6 Mother Dearest Mother (take 7 remix) (P. Cosey) 11:21
7 Mother Dearest Mother (take 10 (part 1)) (P. Cosey) 1:56
8 Mother Dearest Mother (take 10 (part 2)) (P. Cosey) 6:16
9 Song of Landa (take 2) (S. Morrison-M. Davis) 4:04
10 Song of Landa (take 6) (S. Morrison-M. Davis) 4:43
11 Song of Landa (take 10) (S. Morrison-M. Davis) 9:56

1 Untitled Original 760330a (take 3)
CD: Kind of Blue KOB 002

2 Untitled Original 760330a (take 5)
CD: Kind of Blue KOB 002

9 Song of Landa (take 2)
CD: Kind of Blue KOB 003

10 Song of Landa (take 6)
CD: Kind of Blue KOB 003

Davis, playing only organ, sounds uninterested in the proceedings, and the playing is pretty uninspired throughout.

"Song of Landa" was recorded under Morrison's name in August 1976 and appears on his Dune LP (East Wind EW 8051), with Morrison (ss), Ryo Kawasaki (g); Michael Wolff (el-p, synth); Buster Williams (el-b); Al Foster (d).

Apparently the tune listed here as "Untitled original 760330a" was known as "Back Seat Betty" -- although it is quite different from the tune recorded in 1980 and released on The Man With the Horn. Thanks to George Cole for this information.

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