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Miles Ahead session details

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July 2, 1967 (7 items; TT = 32:39)
Festival Field, Newport RI
Voice of America (VOA) broadcast (B+)
Show chatter

Miles Davis (tpt); Wayne Shorter (ts); Herbie Hancock (p); Ron Carter (b); Tony Williams (d); Del Shields (ann)

1 Introduction (Del Shields) 0:37
2 Gingerbread Boy (J. Heath) 8:42
3 Footprints (W. Shorter) 7:54

Willis Conover voiceover last 0:20 on some versions
4 'Round Midnight (B. Hanighen-C. Williams-T. Monk) 6:41

Faded at 4:05 on Domino
5 So What (M. Davis) 8:18
6 The Theme (M. Davis) 0:07
7 Closing announcement (Del Shields) 0:20

2 Gingerbread Boy
CD: Columbia Legacy 88875 08195, Domino 891209

3 Footprints
CD: Columbia Legacy 88875 08195, Domino 891209

4 'Round Midnight
CD: Columbia Legacy 88875 08195, Domino 891209

5 So What
CD: Columbia Legacy 88875 08195

6 The Theme
CD: Columbia Legacy 88875 08195

7 Closing announcement (Del Shields)
CD: Columbia Legacy 88875 08195

Parts of this recording were played on the Voice of America: there are two different versions, one with a Willis Conover introduction and voiceover.

The Quintet was booked for most of July-August at the Village Gate in New York (July 4-16 opposite Dizzy Gillespie, and August 15-27 opposite Ornette Coleman). They performed at the Civic Opera House, Chicago (August 11), at the Buffalo Jazz Festival (in Buffalo's Memorial Auditorium) on August 12, the Watts Summer Festival (Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles) on August 21-22, and at the Laurel Jazz Festival on September 1; they then spent two weeks at the Both/And Club in San Francisco (September 5-17, with Ron Carter on bass). They also performed at the Pacific Jazz Festival in Costa Mesa with Don Plummer on bass (October 6). Afterwards, two weeks in Europe as part of the "Newport Jazz Festival in Europe" tour. Dizzy Gillespie was also on the bill.

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