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Locally maintained

Miles Ahead
A Miles Davis website, with links to a discography, session list, searchable database, LP and CD covers, etc. Also includes a Charlie Parker sessionography and searchable database.

Other Miles Davis Websites
A locally maintained list of links to Miles Davis websites.

The Blue Note Label
All Blue Note 10" and 12" LPs (5000, 1500, and 4000 series).

The Prestige Labels
All Prestige jazz recordings, including 78rpm, 45rpm, 10" and 12" LPs from Prestige, New Jazz, Moodsville, and Swingville labels.

Walt Dickerson
A discography of the excellent but neglected vibraphonist. (Walt Dickerson died on May 15, 2008, at the age of 80.)

Mal Waldron
A chronological list of Mal Waldron records. (Mal Waldron died on December 2, 2002 in Brussels, at the age of 77.)

NDR Jazz Workshops
A partial list of NDR jazz workshops based on the work of Dr. Michael Frohne. His valuable research into the European jazz scene is available on his blog, Jazzrealities.

General resources

BMI's song title, composer, publisher, and performer database.

ACE Database
ASCAP's song title, composer, publisher, and performer database.

All About Jazz
Maintained by Michael Ricci.

The Jazz Discography Project
Compiled and maintained by Nobuaki Togashi, Kohji 'Shaolin' Matsubayashi, and Masayuki Hatta. A terrific resource!

Album Discographies from Both Sides Now
Another excellent resource, maintained by Mike Callahan and David Edwards.

Michael Fitzgerald's Jazz Research Pages
A good resource with links to discographies, labels, etc.

Bop City
Vintage Jazz Internet Radio: "Playing cuts from vintage vinyl LPs, Bop City harkens back to the golden age of jazz. Complete with a few pops and clicks, this is pure jazz radio as it was, and as it always was meant to be."

Great Day in Harlem
The website for the Jean Back film based on Art Kane's iconic 1958 photograph.

Great Day in Harlem
A nicely arranged introduction to jazz, based on the famous Kane photograph.

The Hard Bop Homepage
Maintained by Eric B. Olsen, with nice accounts of the music and artists.

Institute of Jazz Studies
Located at Rutgers University, an excellent resource.

Jazz After Hours
Based on Jim Wilke's PRI program.

Maintained by Norbert Ruecker -- a terrific source for discographies (in many languages), biographies, video, and other jazz materials.

A site for "self-publishers of jazz education material, jazz lessons, CD's and DVD's, and creators of original jazz related products."

Jazz Chicago
With articles, links to jazz venues, etc.

Jazz Everyone
Online Jazz Lessons. Free and paid membership.

Jazz First Books
Specializing in first edition jazz and blues books and rare signed music memorabila. Excellent selection, searchable; online ordering.

Jazz FM
Jazz FM RealAudio programming.

"Features hundreds of hours of free, rare, vintage, live audio and video from jazz fusion's most influential artists, including: Herbie Hancock, Return To Forever, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Larry Coryell, Billy Cobham, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Airto, Jaco Pastorius, Pat Metheny, Brecker Brothers, Stanley Clarke, etc."

The Jazz Guitar Transcription Site
With solos, licks, online lessons, recommended resources, links, etc.

Jazz Improvisation
The entry point for Joan Wildman's courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with pointers to other jazz sites.

Jazz Montréal
Courtesy of the Association de jazz de Montréal, with concert information, discographies, etc.

Jazz New York
Home of Art Attack: The publication for and about liberation musicians in NYC.

The jazz transcription service: "Jazznote offers the premier jazz solo transcription service at an affordable cost for educational purposes. Be it saxophone, piano, scat, or any other melodic instrument, we will accurately notate the solo of your choice, transpose it if required and e-mail it to you as a .pdf file and a midi track if you wish."

The Jazz Pages
By Frank Schindelbeck, in German and English. A good starting point for jazz browsing. New addition: Jazzphotography of Karlheinz Klüter.

Jazz Quotes, Quotes About Jazz
"The #1 resource for quotes about Jazz, featuring famous Jazz quotes from every great Jazz artist. Browse by artist or by Jazz sub-genre..."

Jazz Review Pages
An excellent site chock full of jazz CD reviews.

Jerry Jazz Musician: Bringing you the goods on the greats
Part magazine, part catalog -- a nice celebration of jazz in the 1950s.

NPR Jazz
The jazz website for National Public Radio. With reviews, events, jazz radio stations, etc.

Noal Cohen's Jazz History Web Site
Maintained by Noal Cohen, with nice discographies of Teddy Charles, Elmo Hope, and Tiny Kahn.

Record Reviews
David Bertrand Wilson and John Alroy's excellent site, with hundreds of reviews of jazz and rock LPs and CDs.

Karl-Michael Schneider's Music Links
A good starting point for discographical information -- very comprehensive and nicely laid out.

Maintained by Jeff Parker -- "Swing music spanning seven decades of jazz history."

Swinging Europe: The European Jazz Youth Orchestra
"Features almost 20 young, brilliant musicians all among the best in the land, each with the distinct musical language of one of the 17 countries represented this year. Far from performing the music of one particular country or musical tradition, Swinging Europe characteristic is the mix of musical languages that inspires and enriches, creating a unique interplay between different cultural traditions of Europe."

Uncle Larry's Crazeology
The home page of a jazz show from the inimitable WORT-FM in Madison, WI. Lots of playlists, jazz birthdays, etc.

What is Jazz?
Billy Taylor's informative website.

Record/CD labels

Arkadia Records
Home of Dave Liebman, Benny Golson, Kenny Drew, and others.

Art of Life Records
An independent label formed in October 2000 "with the purpose of providing jazz artists an alternative outlet for releasing their music."

Blue Note Records
Official website of the premier jazz label of the 50s and 60s; with sound clips, new release and reissue information, biographies, etc.

Boheme Music International
A label specializing in "European jazz, jazz-rock, progressive and world music including jazz from Russia."

Candid Records
The official website of the 1960s label, now with many CD reissues.

Cryptogramophone Records
"Cryptogramophone...present[s] artists who are not afraid to make their music challenging or beautiful as they explore the far reaches of artistic vision and instrumental technique."

Delmark Records
The Chicago-based jazz and blues label, with online catalog, etc.

Dragon Records
A Swedish label with an excellent catalog of historic and contemporary recordings.

ECM Records
An extensive site with online ordering, etc.

Emanem Records
Maintained by Martin Davidson himself, with discography, etc.

Enja Records Matthias Winckelmann GmbH
The other Enja website, with sound, biographical information, new releases, etc.

ESP Disk'
"Innovative, influential, independent American Jazz label, ESP-Disk' presents its catalogue and artists with descriptions and sounds samples."

Evil Rabbit Records
Founded in 2006 by pianist Albert van Veenendaal and double bass player Meinrad Kneer, an independent label by musicians for musicians.

Fantasy Records
Official website of Fantasy, Inc., home of the Original Jazz Classics reissue program.

Free Music Production
The website of the premier label for European free music, with catalogue, artist biographies, history, photos, etc.

Free Music Production Distribution
A mail order site for FMP and related labels, with catalogue, history, etc.

Future Music Records
The website for one of Britain's most interesting free jazz/improvisation labels.

ENJA Records Horst Weber GmbH
Maintained by Michael Stueckl.

Hat Hut Records
A nice website for the Swiss label; with catalogs, cover art, links, etc.

Jazz Records
A small independent label specializing in Lennie Tristano recordings.

Jazzbone Records
Featuring the Hank Johnson Trio.

LJ Records
A Swedish label featuring improvised acoustic and electric music.

New Artists Records
An independent jazz label with more than thirty CDs in their catalog.

Sony Music
Sony Music's Web server, with current catalog, new releases, searchable database.

SteepleChase Records
The official SteepleChase site with catalog, a search engine, etc.

Synergy Music
The website for the Denver-based label; artists include Archie Shepp, Mal Waldron, Paul McCandless, and Art Lande.

Verve Music Group
The official site of the Verve Music Group -- new home for Impulse, Mercury, Clef, and many other labels. Oh, and they have contemporary artists too.

European resources

Jazzband Live
A German site where you can book a jazz band for any event. With news, reviews, etc.

London Jazz
News, reviews, features, and comment from the London jazz scene.

A good route into the African jazz scene, present and past. (Yes, I know, it isn't European.)

Chipin & Kaiya's Chinese Jazz Website
Maintained by Chi-pin Hsieh and Kai-ya Chang, with biographies, etc. Mostly in Chinese. (Yes, another non-European resource. Time to start another category.)

Warta Jazz
"An Ultimate Source for Indonesian Jazz Lovers."

PuroJazz EnVivo
The online version of the PuroJazz show which airs Sunday nights on Radio Beethoven, 96.5 FM in Chile.

European Free Improvisation
Peter Stubley's website with pointers to resources concerned with free improvisation from Europe.

Jazz In Belgium
The Web Site of LES LUNDIS D'HORTENSE, the Belgian association of jazz musicians. All about the Belgian jazz scene and its musicians.

Café Damberd
"In a pluralist atmosphere of tolerance and respect we'd like to get you drunk and hope to be pleasant company... Café Damberd, a bar to have an intimate conversation, while listening to jazzmusic, and where musicians and public of all nations get together."

A clearinghouse for all sorts of Dutch jazz musicians.

Willem Breuker Kollektief
The website for the Netherlands' best big band, with links to BVHaast discography, etc.

Italian Jazz Musicians
A great site with links to dozens of Italian musicians and ensembles, recordings, photographs, etc.

Dansk Musik
Maintained by Bjarne Gren, a good starting point for exploring the Danish jazz scene. (In Danish.)

Another good entry point to the Danish scene.

Stardust Hamburg
Finest Bar Jazz - Made in Hamburg. Looking for a jazz band for your event? STARDUST will play for you -- jazz trio (piano, bass, drums) and singer.

Jazzinstitut Darmstadt
Europe's largest public research archive on jazz, and a good starting point for exploring German and European jazz.

Jazzbands Online
Sie suchen eine Jazzband? German jazz groups for hire.

STIM: Swedish Music Information Center
A great starting point for information about Swedish jazz and musicians.

Musikkinformasjonssenteret: Norwegian Music Information Centre
A good starting point for exploring the Norwegian jazz scene.

"Jazznet supports British Jazz Musicians and promotes their music and gigs." Beware of embedded music files.

Jazz Action
The Jazz Development Agency for Northern Arts and Yorkshire Arts, maintained by Adrian Tilbrook.

Jazz in Scotland
The work of Ian Millar and Dominic Spencer, with monthly features, tour schedules, festival information, etc.

Polish Jazz Network
Maintained by Cezary Lerski, with artists, festivals, radio links, etc.

"Reelsound specialises in mobile audio recording from voice and music work for TV, film and video to CD."

Festivals and venues

Great Jazz Club, Linkoping
With schedule, festival information, links, etc. In Swedish.

Moers New Jazz Festival
The official website of the Moers Festival, with history, schedules, etc.

Montreux Sounds
The Montreux Jazz Festival concerts database, searchable via Excite.

Les Nuits du Jazz
A French Jazz Festival that takes places in Nantes, Western France. Features the Côte Ouest Big Band with jazz vocalists from all over the world.

Vinyl LPs

Audiophile Records: What Are They?
A nice historically informed essay on the whole audiophile LP phenomenon.

Acoustic Sounds, Inc.
A good source of new and used high-quality vinyl.

Audiophile USA
Excellent selection of used and new records.

Mosaic Records
Mosaic Records now offers new vinyl as well as CDs.

Better Records
"Life is too short to play crappy records. We specialize in ANALOG for the ADVANCED AUDIOPHILE."

Big Bank Hank
A German online shop with jazz, blues, pop, and other genres.

Classic Records
High-quality reissues of classic LPs (jazz and classical).

Deep in the Groove
A UK-based online shop specializing in European jazz records. They're especially interested in the guitar, but they have other stuff too.

Elusive Disc
A good selection of audiophile vinyl, as well as CDs, SACDs, hardware, and accessories.

LP Now: Out of Print Vinyl
A nice site -- but look for jazz together with "Easy Listening" (!).

Music Direct
Vinyl records, SACDs, hardware, accessories.

Record Research
The website for Joel Whitburn's Record Research books, with links, etc.

The Record Collectors Guild
A club for vinyl enthusiasts, with sales, want lists, etc.

Sound Stage Direct
Good selection of new vinyl, many genres.

Vinly Revinyl
A blog devoted to vinyl reissues, turntables, and accessories. Lots of reviews and comments.

Vinyl Vault
Acoustic Sounds, "World's Largest Supplier of Audiophile Records"

VinylTom, the Record King
A German web-based shop with large selection. Nice interface.

Talas Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration Supplies
For cleaning and restoring all kinds of audio stuff (excellent record cleaning ingredients).

Osage Audio Products, LLC
Home of Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions, excellent stuff for cleaning and maintaining vinyl records.

The Care and Handling of Recorded Sound Materials
By Gilles St.-Laurent, a music librarian at the National Library of Canada.

Sleeve City
An excellent selection of inner and outer sleeves for LPs, CDs, etc.

Online sources

Bare Jazz Nettnytt (Bare Jazz NetNews)
A good source of news and a searchable CD shop as well.

The Bebop Shop
"The online record shop for bebop, hard bop, and modern jazz."

Birka Jazz
Maintained by Torbjörn Sörhuus -- a Swedish shop specializing in jazz of all kinds.

CD/DVD cases, sleeves, inserts, labels, and mailers of all kinds. Excellent selection.

Cadence Magazine and Records
A good source of non-mainstream jazz and improvised music.

An internet jazz shopping center managed by Music Mecca ApS in Copenhagen.

Cheap or What! CDs
A U.K. shop with searchable catalog. New and used records and CDs.

Concert Posters
A good resource if you're looking for posters or other memorabilia; jazz, rock, etc.

Cosmic Sounds
A record label and used LP shop, maintained by Zeljko Kerleta. A good source of hard-to-find eastern European recordings.

Downtown Music Gallery
A large selection of new music, jazz, contemporary classical, and other music. Online ordering.

Dusty Groove® America
Soul, Funk, Jazz, etc.; and check out the upcoming releases page.

Jazz specialists, with CDs, video, books, sheet music, etc.

Forced Exposure
A good source on non-mainstream jazz and "new music."

HMV Japan
A good place to search for available CDs. (In Japanese.)

Jazz Loft
A good source of independent-label jazz recordings.

Jazz Record Mart
The largest jazz and blues record shop in the world, online.

Jazz West DVD
Online source for all styles of jazz on DVD.

Midheaven Mailorder
A division of Revolver USA Distribution: independent label compact discs, vinyl, cassettes, 7" singles, magazines, etc.

Mosaic Records
The place to go for complete set reissues of your favorite jazz musicians. Now with a "future projects" section.

Music and Record Stores
A nice alphabetical list of links to online sources, courtesy of MusicSearch.

Verge Music Distribution
A Canadian site presenting "the real alternative music culture."

JPC: Musik ŕ la carte
A German site; they have a nice search engine for their online catalog.

Le Site de la FNAC
A French site with music, books, CD-ROMs, video, etc.

Sound Source
A excellent source for Japanese CDs, magazines, etc.

Jazz photography and art

Sánta István Csaba
Hungarian photographer with gallery of jazz images, also extensive travel galleries.

Art of Cool
Not really photography. A cool site featuring J. Michael Howard's jazz-related graphics, electronic art, and paintings.

Gerald Belton: Photography for the Performing Arts
With several galleries of nice jazz photographs.

William P. Gottlieb: Photographs for the Golden Age of Jazz
Courtesy of the Library of Congress's American Memory Project. A large collection of nice (and deservedly famous) photos of jazz musicians.

The Golden Age of Jazz
The jazz photographs of William Gottlieb.

Herman Leonard, Images of Jazz
Created by David Leonard, featuring some of Herman Leonard's terrific jazz photos. With a short biography.

The Gods of Music
Some of Jim Marshall's photos of rock and jazz musicians, biography, technical stuff.

On the Corner
Spaceman's jazz photos -- Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, Cedar Walton, and many others.

Featuring the photography of Mark Wohlrab, with guestbook, links, etc.

E-zines, etc.

Mike Zwerin's great columns, a slick layout, searchable. Terrific resource.

A forum for discussion or free jazz, improvisation, etc. from all sorts of perspectives.

culturekiosque: la culture en mouvement
A very hip e-zine featuring (among much else) the writing and reviews of Mike Zwerin. Check out his Sons of Miles pages.

Jazz Thing
The first German-language jazz magazine; with news, reviews, concert dates, biographies, etc. (In German.)

Perfect Sound Forever
"The online music magazine with warped perspectives."

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