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Charlie Parker session details

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Early 1942 (1 item; TT = 2:48)
Clark Monroe's Uptown House, New York NY
Private recording (Paper disc) (B-)

Charlie Parker (as); Vic Coulsen (tpt); George Treadwell (tpt); Unknown (ts, as); Unknown (g); Allan Tinney (p); Ebenezer Paul (b); "Little" Phil Phillips (d)

1 Cherokee (incomplete) (R. Noble) 2:48

1 Cherokee (incomplete)
12" LP: Onyx 221, Spotlite SPJ-120
CD: Stash STCD 542, Masters of Jazz MJCD 78, Philology Volume 40 (W 871), Volume 43 (W 874), ESP-Disk 4050, Frémeaux & Associés FA 1331

This is a paper disc made by Jerry Newman, who has admitted that since he did not like Parker's playing, he turned off his paper disc recorder during many of Parker's solos. There is a skip at the end of the first eight measures of the theme, and some issues insert a gap to maintain the tempo.

Parker probably spent many nights jamming after hours at Monroe's Uptown House while he was in town with the McShann band. According to Gene Ramey, McShann's band played a 4:00 matinée on February 15, where they battled the Lucky Millander group. Some of these early jam sessions (also recorded by Newman, but without Parker) were issued on Esoteric Records and are now available from Fantasy (OJCCD-1932, ES 548).

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