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For many years (1992-2013) I taught in the Honors College at the University of Maryland, College Park. By day I work in Washington, DC. At Maryland I taught two courses:

Prior to coming to Maryland I taught philosophy at the University of Wisconsin, the College of Charleston, and Gonzaga University. Most of my teaching and writing focuses on Greek philosophy, especially Plato and Aristotle. Some of it is available elsewhere on this website.

I'm also a discographer. Since early 1995 I've maintained a website called Miles Ahead, focused on the music of Miles Davis. If you're interested in Miles Davis (especially his pre-1980s music), take a look. There's a discography, a session list, a query form to search the database, cover art, news about upcoming releases, links to other Miles Davis websites, etc. There's also a separate Charlie Parker session list and a rudimentary discography. I also maintain a few other jazz-related pages that some might be interested in.

My other interests you can probably infer from the links at the top of this page.

Here we go again...

The strange alchemy of time has somehow converted the Democrats into the truly conservative party of this country -- the party dedicated to conserving all that is best, and building solidly and safely on these foundations. The Republicans, by contrast, are behaving like the radical party -- the party of the reckless and the embittered, bent on dismantling institutions which have been built solidly into our social fabric... Our social-security system and our Democratic Party's sponsorship of the social reforms and advances of the past two decades -- conservatism at its best. Certainly there could be nothing more conservative than to change when change is due, to reduce tensions and wants by wise changes, rather than to stand pat stubbornly, until, like King Canute, we are engulfed by relentless forces that will always go too far. (Adlai Stevenson, 1952)

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